Fan-Assisted Trench Heating

Fan-Assisted Trench Heating

FXX -Fan-Assisted Trench Heating

FXX Trench Heating has a fan (Fan-Assisted Convection) for higher thermal output.

This type of Trench Heating is used as primary/main source of space heating, and also as a cold air barrier under large glazed areas removing condensate.

All Hitte fans operate on a direct current with a safe voltage of 24 V, which not only provides high efficiency, but also a low noise level ideal making it ideal for bedrooms, children's rooms, hotel rooms, etc.

Hitte Fan-Assisted Trench Heating is divided into three types:

- FXX for standard dry environments

- FWH with drainage for wet/humid environments

- FCX combination of heating and cooling for the summertime

Standard Features

  • Choice of trough material - stainless steel or black powder coated FeZn steel;
  • Choice of natural, light bronze or dark bronze painted aluminium perimeter trough edging;
  • CuAl heat exchanger with air valve and ½” brass ends
  • a tangential DC 24V fan with protective metal cover
  • Spacers to protect trench geometry during installation and concrete pouring.
  • Cover plates to protect water and electrical connections;
  • Drainage connectors for wet/humid environment trench units and combined heating and cooling trench units
  • A set of fixing legs and level  adjusting screws
  • 18 mm MDF cover to protect against damage and falling debris during installation

Bespoke Trench Heating Design & Manufacture

Bespoke trenching heating systems can be designed and manufactured to meet the most challenging project specifications.


A Thermal Output Calculator