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Contemporary Trench and Perimeter Heating from HITTE - a functional, energy efficient heater: relieve you of condensation on the windows, through the establishment of the air curtain, it will warm, and save a panoramic view. The Hitte Trench  - is the perfect aesthetic solution for residential houses, apartments with "French" windows, stained glass, for shop windows, offices and exhibition centers with a glass facade, winter gardens, balconies with sliding system, as well as for swimming pools and rooms with high humidity.

The operating principle of the convector is that it draws in cool air to the heat exchanger and returns the heated air back into the room, thereby ensuring you minimum temperature difference in the house. 

Water heaters do not burn oxygen. Surface temperature is low and there is no open heating spiral, so you will not feel the dryness and lack of oxygen, this will save you from purchasing additional dampening premises equipment.

The Natural Trench Heating Range has two types:

  • NXX model for standard dry environments such as offices, shops, houses etc.
  • NWX for wet/humid environments such as bathrooms, swimming pools or saunas


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 The Hitte team has been designing and manufacturing space heating products in the Czech Republic. High quality materials, skilled engineers and modern production methods are combined to deliver the Hitte portfolio which carries a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The contemporary and stylish Trench and Perimeter Heating ranges offer highly effective and discrete heating and cooling solutions whether installed as primary or secondary heating systems or as a cold air barrier under large glazed areas.

The Hitte Trench range includes Natural Convection, Fan Assisted and Electric options as well as combined Heating-Cooling units. Models are also available for use in wet and humid environments.

For areas where creating a floor trench is not feasible, the Natural Convection floor standing Perimeter Heater presents an elegant alternative. 

In addition to the standard straight trench units, mitred cornering, and blank units can be added to provide a continuous aesthetic. Curved/arc shaped trench heaters can also be manufactured to order.  The Hitte team will undertake bespoke designs for the most complex and challenging of projects.

Energy saving

We use highly energy-efficient fan coil motors. Their consumption is one of the lowest in the industry and starts from 1VA/m.

User comfort

Offered controls help clients to find right balance between price and comfort.

Space saver

Have a minimal impact on any type of interior design, while remaining invisible as much as possible.


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