Natural Trench Heating

Natural Trench Heating

NXX Natural Trench Heating

NXX Trench Heating operates on the principle of natural convection, without a fan.

Cold air is drawn from the window side of the unit, passes through a heat exchanger and rises naturally up into the room. As the air rises, it is replaced by more cool air and this cycle continues as long as hot water is circulating through the heat exchanger.

The Natural Trench Heating Range has two types:

  • NXX model for standard dry environments such as offices, shops, houses etc.
  • NWX for wet/humid environments such as bathrooms, swimming pools or saunas.

Height: 65 mm, 80 mm, 105 mm, 125 mm, 165 mm.
Width: 175 mm, 205 mm, 245 mm, 305 mm, 355 mm, 410 mm.



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